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             Welcome to Namees Cockers, hope you enjoy your visit here :)
    I have enjoyed cockers since 1980, when my hubby bought me my "first" as a Christmas gift.  In a little town near us, where we went shopping for our lumber supplies, the town had a "town mascot" – a buff cocker spaniel. This was a little town and everyone knew this dog.  One day while at the lumber store, this dog came to visit.  The salesman asked if we had ever met this dog. We had not. So he called the dog over to us and started having the dog do "tricks."  He was amazing – he’d sit up, roll over, shake hands – all the normal stuff.  Then the salesman said, "Bang! Bang!" And this little dog dropped over and lay on his back, feet straight up in the air, playing dead . . . but his tail was going 100 mph! I told my hubby I wanted one just like that. And so the story began. Cockers have been a very important part of my life ever since.

    After seeing my first "dog show" in 1997, I fell in love with these beautiful dogs all over again and was smitten with the "show bug."  Ollie was my first. He never did finish his AKC championship, but I did learn many things by showing him.  Showing is definitely an ongoing learning experience.  Ollie did earn his International Ch title. Many cockers have followed Ollie. The chocolates are my absolute favorite, and now I am specializing in the chocolate color.

    I belong to the Hiawatha Cocker Spaniel Club of Minnesota. It took a few years to be accepted from the "cocker people," but I was determined, and it did pay off. I have some very good friends that I have made through this club.  I have served on the board and took care of the club website.  You can see our club website at

    Life changes at every moment, but yet it still goes on.  In 2008 my husband of 37 years, passed away.  My "spark" I once had for my kennel, seemed to diminish - So I started to downsize my kennel.  By 2010, I had downsized to 3 young female cockers.  I found someone new to share my life with, sold the farm and moved to the big city.  I gave away 2 of the females I still had, and moved with just 1 cocker.

    I guarantee my "pet puppies" for one year against most hereditary/congenital problems.  Any refunds will be given on a replacement basis only, when a pup of the same sex and quality is available. We have shipped pups as far away as Germany, South Korea, Alaska, and the  Philippines, as well as all over the United States.

     My pet puppies are sold on a limited AKC registration, meaning that AKC will not register any offspring from these pups.  They are sold as pets and should be spayed or neutered.  I will hold the registration papers until a "proof of spay/neuter" has been sent to me.

     Pups sold with full AKC registration are for showing or breeding. They are also priced higher than those sold as pets. Pups sold as "show prospects" are just that. I do not make any guarantees that these pups will "finish." There are just too many things that can keep a pup from showing and finishing.  So if you are purchasing a pup for showing, just keep this in mind.